Siplex® VSG-S Plus

Added safety at a low specific weight

  • Laminated safety glass in accordance with DIN EN 12543 – Safety against ball throwing in accordance with DIN 18032-3
  • Impact resistant in accordance with DIN EN 50102
  • Siplex VSG – S the new, thin laminated safety glass with excellent residual load capacity

This laminated safety glass is highly break-resistant and splinter-resistant, with a total thickness of just 4.8 mm.

The unique feature of the glass is that it is able to withstand the specified impact by a handball or hockey ball to be classified as “resistant to ball throwing without restrictions” when installed*.

In comparison, a minimum thickness of 8.8 mm is recommended for commonly available laminated safety glass to ensure only a restricted level of resistance to ball throwing. This means that the glass can withstand the impact of a handball, but not that of a hockey puck.

Branches: Automats, Digital signage, Display, E-Mobility, HMI, Machine guards, Passenger Information System.


VSG-S has withstood impact testing by the Materials Testing Institute at the University of Stuttgart with a total thickness of 4.8 mm, without any restrictions. Siplex® VSG-S is a thin laminated safety glass which fulfils DIN safety requirements.

Thanks to the specialised structure of VSG-S, we have been able to achieve a weight savings of 10 kg per pane, with a pane size of 1 square meter! Impact strength by IK testing class in accordance with DIN EN 50102 indicates a rating of IK 10.

The glass is able to withstand a ball-drop test with a 5 kg steel ball from a height of 40 cm without visible damage to the pane. Siplex® S is also available as Siplex® LED with different levels of grey or brown tinting, or in combination with the Sunstop foils Siplex® Solar Control and Siplex® -Protect. (we can manufacture any thickness > 4.8 mm)

*In general, MPA certification testing on installed panes is required to be certified as “safe against ball throwing”

Technical data
Basic materials:Float glass, optically white float glass, chemically treated non-reflective float glass, optically non-reflective glass available upon request
Minimum thickness:4.8 mm (+ - 0.4)
Min. dimensions:330 x 270 mm (smaller available upon request)
Max. dimensions:1600 x 800 mm (larger available upon request)

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