Siflex AG

Optically white float glass with single-surface micro-etching

Screen resolution is ever-improving. 4K screens are already considered standard and produce an impresively clear image. High-quality screen resolution can only be attained through a high number of pixels.

Branches: Automats, Digital signage, Display, E-Mobility, Health Care, Machine guards, Monitoring and sensor technology, Passenger Information System, Smart Home.


Additional screens placed on top of high-resolution displays help to ensure a non-sparkling effect. The screen should still appear as pixel-less as possible whilst also not being reflective. Siflex AG Gloss 60 was developed on white glass with this specifically in mind.

White glass is particularly well suited as a base material as it helps to avoid any color distortions, especially in brightly printed screens.

Siflex AG Gloss 60 on white glass is available in all degrees of refinement, i.e. edge-processed, printed, thermally or chemically tempered and as laminated safety glass. The glass is especially suitable for glass/touch laminations.

Technical Features
Gloss value:60 (±5)Determination method: Novoglass, 60° according to
the US standard
Clarity:> 75 %Determination method: Gardner Haze Guard Plus meter
Haze:8,9%Determination method: Gardner Haze Guard Plus meter
Available glass thickness:2,0 – 4,0 mm, 6,0 mm(monolithic)

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